(pictures below)

Ice cream sundaes, popcorn and lots of laughs were the order of the day (evening) at The Gaslight Theatre on April 23, 2010.  Nineteen people attended dinner at Little Anthony's Diner, which is part of the theatre building.  Three April birthdays were recognized and Marilyn Hart Anton, Fran Rosen Knowles and Bob Pfeffer were presented with an ice cream sundae and kisses on both cheeks by the waiters/waitresses.  A photo was taken by the restaurant and later presented to each recipient (see Fran's).

The evening performance was "The Son of the Sheik."  It was a fast-paced musical melodrama, accompanied by piano, drums and guitar.  The dialogue was clever, the lyrics up-beat, the stage settings excellent, and the 26 classmates and guests all seemed to enjoy themselves.  The consensus was to do it again next year.
On Saturday the 24th, 27 CHS '58 alumni and 13 guests (for a grand total of 40) attended the luncheon buffet and gathering at Tanque Verde Ranch.  The weather cooperated beautifully and we, once again, had the Mexican Room to ourselves.
Regrets were read from those unable to attend, the conversations flowed throughout the day and a very interesting talk was given by classmate, Bob Pfeffer, on The
Hydrogen Economy.  It opened our minds to considering other options to our current fuel choices and to our dependency on foreign oil.  Thanks for keeping it short and making it understandable, Bob.

Margie Wagner Fangmeier reported on the CHS Foundation's aspirations and events.

There was discussion on planning a cruise next year, possibly to the Mexican Riviera or Alaska, in place of our gathering at the TVR.  Later, it was suggested that we have both events for those who prefer one over the other, or wish to attend both.  Therefore, I have reserved May 7, 2011 at the Tanque Verde Ranch for next year's "mini," since several classmates have conflicting events at the end of April and haven't been able to join us for several years.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS.  I will be happy to make reservations at Little Anthony's and The Gaslight Theatre for their May 6, 2011 performance.  Our classmate, Linda Mishkind Schiesel, a travel agent in Tucson, will be handling the cruise arrangements.  I will be letting everyone know our choices after Linda has done some research on the matter.
See below for a list of attendees at the Tanque Verde Ranch. 
Warm regards to all, Fran 


Marilyn Hart Anton
Helen Trott Campbell
Bill Clark
Danni Patton Coalter and daughter, Marlene Coalter
Mike & Barbara Codd
Tom and Ginger Cullen
Alan and Gwen Curiel
Karl and Sandy Tanner Elers
Margaret Wagner Fangmeier
Fran Rosen Knowles and Fred Thomson
Bobbie Smith Leake
Sarah Barham Leonard and Ken Prchal
Judy Hodge Lundin and John Ed Jeffries
Carol Perrine Mart
Paul and Kathy Dempsey Martin
Don Neil
John and Karen Nygaard
Bob Pfeffer
Bruce Porter and Margaret Porter Saito
Dale Rees
Barbara Pokorny Rountree and Tom Rollins
Dave and Linda Mishkind Schiesel
Barbara Le Ferer Silvestri
Davis and Bettye Smith
Ward Stevens
Perri Tweed

Youngster Fran gets her dew after 69 years.

Bob Wallace, Fred Thomson, Danni Patton Coalter, Karen Nygaard, Marilyn Hart Anton, John Nygaard,  Jim & Lynda Riegel Bauersachs

Bob Pfeffer, Marilyn Hart Anton, Fran Rosen Knowles

Tom Rollins, Barbara Pokorny Rountree, Bob Wallace

Bob Pfeffer, Barbara Pokorny Rountree, (showing recent photo of her and Sharron Santee Fogel) & Tom Rollins...I remember Sharron

Marilyn Hart Anton, Bob Pfeffer 

Bill Clark, Dale Rees, Linda Mishkind Schiesel & Dave Schiesel

Bruce Porter & Margaret Porter Saito

Bob Pfeffer, Marilyn Hart Anton receiving their birthday sundaes and kisses

Marilyn Hart Anton, Fran Rosen Knowles, Bob Pfeffer (April birthday gals and guy - Fran's the young one at 69)

Fred Thomson, Margie Wagner Fangmeier & Del Fangmeier

Helen Oellrich Daulton, Tom & Ginger Cullen

View from the mezzanine toward the Gaslight Theatre stage, the musical accompaniment balcony and the audience below

 Lynda Riegel Bauersachs, Perri Tweed                             

signs and doggies

signs and dogs...don't know what he or she is thinkin'

Apparently at their age the urge escaped.

pool at TVR...obviously, no one wanted to expose themselves

Bill Clark, Mike & Barbara Codd

Dale Rees (back), Sandy Tanner Elers, Marilyn Hart Anton, Carol Perrine Mart, Helen Trott Campbell

Barbara La Ferrer Silvestri, Dale Rees, Marilyn Hart Anton

Paul & Kathy Dempsey Martin

Bill Clark, Fred Thomson, Mike & Barbara Codd, Margie Wagner Fangmeier

Ginger & Tom Cullen, Barb Pokorny Rountree & Tom Rollins

Carol Perrine Mart, Sandy Tanner Elers, Helen Trott Campbell

Gwen Curiel, Bettye & Davis Smith

Davis Smith, Alan Curiel, Dale Rees...Let's see, at 70 1/2 they take our money.

Ken Prchal, Bob Pfeffer, Sarah Barham Leonard

Karen & John Nygaard

Linda Mishkind Schiesel & Dave Schiesel, Fred Thomson

Barb Pokorny Rountree, Alan Curiel

Kathy Dempsey Martin, Bobbie Smith Leake

Bill Clark, Perri Tweed

Group Picture

All those in back rows, left to right:

Alan Curiel, Don Neil, Dale Rees, Bill Clark, Mike Codd, Davis Smith, Marilyn Hart Anton, Margaret Porter Saito, Bruce Porter, Sandy Tanner Elers, Tom Cullen, Margie Wagner Fangmeier, Ward Stevens, Barbara La Ferer Silvestri, Bob Pfeffer, John Nygaard

Front row:

Judy Hodge Lundin, Kathy Dempsey Martin, Perri Tweed, Bobbie Smith Leake, Fran Rosen Knowles, Helen Trott Campbell, Linda Mishkind Schiesel, Barb Pokorny Rountree, Danni Patton Coalter, Carol Perrine Mart, Sarah Barham Leonard

Barbara La Ferer Silvestri (standing)

Tom & Ginger Cullen, (Ken Prchal between the two), Tom Rollins, Marilyn Hart Anton

Bob Pfeffer, giving his talk on The Hydrogen Economy