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Very clever, those pirates..............lots of laughs, funny dialogue, terrific set decorations, upbeat songs and plenty of popcorn on the tables charged the atmosphere with enthusiasm.  And that was only Friday night at The Gaslight Theatre’s production of “The Curse of the Pirate’s Gold.”  Nineteen of us met for dinner at Little Anthony’s diner before the play and had some great visits with old friends.  (I didn’t say “friends who are old,” I said “old friends”……….J)  Twenty one classmates and guests enjoyed the play. 


Saturday at Tanque Verde Ranch (TVR) was as pleasant as ever.  Twenty seven people gathered at the ranch for storytelling and catching up.  (Some are very good at story embellishing......oops, I mean “telling.”)  The buffet was all “low cal,” including the dessert table!  Just kidding, but I should have taken photos of all the food and scrumptious desserts for those of you who didn’t attend, just to make your mouth water. 



If you need first hand info on knee and hip replacement, we might just have the blue ribbon on knowledge of those surgeries.  Hearing aids and cataract operations might take second and third place respectively.   

It’s a year away, but a vote was taken and a decision was made to schedule next year’s mini reunion for May 4th and 5th, 2012.  If I lock in the reservation now at TVR, the cost will be $18 a person.

Our 55th Reunion is quickly approaching (2013).  We need someone to step forward and volunteer to coordinate the event.  I am hereby declaring my non-availability as overall coordinator.  I will be happy to support that person with email assistance.  Please consider volunteering or recommending someone.  Otherwise, we’ll continue with our usual “mini” for that year, too. 

We have added some additional names on our Missing list on our website.  Please check that link as well as our Memoriam page and Biography pages.  Think about adding your own bio.  Jack will scan in your high school picture and I can help you with a current photo. 

Our best to everyone and thanks to those who attended this year’s reunion weekend.  Check out the pictures and names below to see who was there. 

Catalina Hugs, Fran



The Gaslight Theatre, 5/6/11

Bill & Helen Trott Campbell, Sandy Tanner Elers & Karl Elers

Fred Thomson receives his birthday sundae.

Fred Thomson, Danni Patton Coalter, Bob Pfeffer, Ginger & Tom Cullen, Sarah Barham Leonard, Ken Prchal, Marilyn Hart Anton (in front on right)

Ginger & Tom Cullen, Del & Margie Wagner Fangmeier, Marilyn Hart Anton, Bob Pfeffer, Fred Thomson, Karl & Sandy Tanner Elers, Ward Stevens

Helen Trott Campbell & Bill Campbell

Karen & John Nygaard, Barb Pokorny Rountree

Ken Prchal, Sarah Barham Leonard, Danni Patton Coalter

Margie Wagner Fangmeier & Del Fangmeier

Marilyn Hart Anton, Barb Pokorny Rountree & Tom Rollins

Marilyn, Barb & Tom

Norma & Ward Stevens

Sandy, Fran, Danni

Sarah Barham Leonard & Ken Prchal, Fran Rosen Knowles, Marilyn Hart Anton

Sue & Larry Rodish, Sandy Tanner Elers

Sue & Larry Rodish, Ward Stevens, Fred & Dianne Rhinehart Webster

Tom Rollins, Barb Pokorny Rountree, Fred Thomson, Fran Rosen Knowles

Tom Rollins, Marilyn Hart Anton, Tom & Ginger Cullen, Sandy Tanner Elers, Carol Perrine Mart, Danni Patton Coalter, Marlene Coalter


Ward Stevens

Sandy Tanner Elers, Marilyn Hart Anton, Margie Wagner Fangmeier

Patricia Holmes, Ward Stevens

Marilyn Hart Anton, Barb Pokorny Rountree, Carol Perrine Mart

Ken Prchal & Sarah Barham Leonard, Marilyn, Barb, Carol

Ginger & Tom Cullen

Bob Pfeffer, Margie Wagner Fanmeier, Fred Thomson

Bob Pfeffer, Don Neil

Bill & Helen Trott Campbell

Barb Pokorny Rountree, Karen & John Nygaard, Danni Patton Coalter, Carol Perrine Mart

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