(see pictures below)



Attendees: Bill & Gloria Clark, Sally Anderson Daniels, Sandy Tanner Elers & Karl Elers, Lynne Vanerka Jackson, Fran Rosen Knowles & Fred Thomson, Don Neil, Sharon Maucher Nielsen & Harry Caldwell, John & Karen Nygaard, Paul & Julie Nygaard, Julie’s cousin & her friend - Karen Saunders & Josef Danner, Bob Pfeffer, Larry & Sue Rodish, Barb Pokorny Rountree & Tom Rollins, Ward Stevens, Dianne Rhinehart Webster & Fred Webster, Jack Wojnowski & Tinka Brolund.

A 50’s diner, a melodramatic performance and a western guest ranch all added up to two days of fun and good visiting for 26 people in attendance at the 2014 CHS Class of '58 mini-reunion on May 2nd and 3rd.

Little Anthony's Diner provided a good place to visit and eat.

 Then, Gaslight Theatre to see "Beach Blanket Be-Bop." 

On Saturday morning we gathered at the Tanque Verde Ranch. The setting is always nice and the buffet plentiful.

The dates for next year's mini-reunion have already been set for the end of April - April 24th and 25th. Please try to remember those dates and plan on joining us for the good times.   (That means Marilyn, Bob & Fran get the birthday sundaes at Little Anthony’s.  J)

CHS Hugs,



2014 Mini/42-Group Photo

2014 Mini/4-Sandy Tanner Elers, Karen Nygaard

2014 Mini/5-Fran Rosen Knowles, Fred Thomson, Jack Wojnowski, Tinka Brolund, Barb Pokorny Rountree, Bob Pfeffer

2014 Mini/6-Sandy Tanner Elers, Lynne Vanerka Jackson, Sally Anderson Daniels

2014 Mini/3-Jack Wojnowski, Fred Thomson, Tinka Brolund, Bob Pfeffer, Larry Rodish

2014 Mini/7-Sharon Maucher Nielsen, Harry Caldwell, Ward Stevens

2014 Mini/8-Birthday sundaes for Fred Thomson, Sharon Maucher Nielsen, Lynne Vanerka Jackson

2014 Mini/10-Performance of Beach Blanket Be-Bop.

2014 Mini/13-The band at Gaslight Theatre

2014 Mini/14-Karen & John Nygaard, Paul Nygaard, Karen Saunders, Josef Danner, Julie Nygaard

2014 Mini/15-Sharon Maucher Nielsen, Harry Caldwell, Fran Rosen Knowles, Fred Thomson

2014 Mini/16-Tinka Brolund, Jack Wojnowski, Gloria & Bill Clark

2014 Mini/17-Bob Pfeffer, Lynne Vanerka Jackson

2014 Mini/18-Barb & Tom, Gaslight Theatre

2014 Mini/19-Larry & Sue Rodish

2014 Mini/20-Marked walk to the Tanque Verde Ranch restaurant so none of us would get lost.

2014 Mini/21-Photo at Tanque Verde Ranch

2014 Mini/22-The Gang

2014 Mini/23-Sharon Maucher Nielsen, Barb Pokorny Rountree, Ward Stevens

2014 Mini/24-Fred Thomson, Harry Caldwell

2014 Mini/25-Fran, Karl, Sandy

2014 Mini/26-Gloria & Bill Clark, Karl & Sandy Tanner Elers, Don Neil, Bob Pfeffer

2014 Mini/27-Don Neil, Bob Pfeffer

2014 Mini/28-Fred Thomson, Jack Wojnowski, Tinka Brolund

2014 Mini/29-Barb, Dianne, Fred

2014 Mini/30-Tinka Brolund, Jack Wojnowski

2014 Mini/31-Josef Danner, Paul Nygaard, Karen Saunders

2014 Mini/32-Karl & Sandy Tanner Elers

2014 Mini/33-Bill Clark, Larry & Sue Rodish

2014 Mini/34-Jack Wojnowski, Harry Caldwell, Tinka Brolund, Sharon Maucher Nielsen

2014 Mini/35-Karen, Sandy, Bob, Sharon, Barb, Fran, Fred, Harry

2014 Mini/36-Dianne Rhinehart Webster, Tom Rollins, Barb Pokorny Rountree, Ward Stevens, Larry & Sue Rodish, Fred Webster.

2014 Mini/37-Most of the group.

2014 Mini/38-Sharon, Jack, Harry, Tinka, Fred

2014 Mini/39-Paul & Julie Nygaard, Karen Nygaard, Josef Danner, Karen Saunders, John Nygaard

2014 Mini/40-Fran at the microphone

2014 Mini/41-Fran did not have everyone's attention.