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Brian Wittenkeller and Chris White Whittenkeller

Kenneth "Tank" Talbert , Don Parsons, Geri Bird Laubscher,
Dale Rees, Lynne Vanerka Jackson, John La Due

Perri Tweed and Herb Rose in foreground

Gathering in the Hospitality Room

A humorous moment in the Hospitality Room

Against wall:  Dave Rees, John Thomas, Brent Leary, Jim Laubscher (Geri Bird Laubscher's husband), Gary Olshansky Center:  Pat Young, Jim Reddish  Front right:  Perri Tweed

Karen Winter Lassell, Kenneth "Tank" Talbert, Don Parsons, Geri Bird Laubscher, Jack Wojnowski

Warren Ridley, Don MacDougall, Kirk Young, Petite Catlin Morrison, Paul Nygaard, Diana Page Champion, John Nygaard, Budd Parish in front.

Bill Mower, Davis Smith, Dave Rees, Bill Goodnight, Dale Rees, Bill Urias, John Thomas, Kirk Young

Al Slavens, Brent Leary, Joyce Everett Caraher, Pat Young, Mike Glendening, Dave Pratt,
Dale Rees, Fran Rosen Knowles, Dave Rees

Bruce Porter


Hospitality Room/Memorabilia

Susan Carruth Ellington, Fred and Amanda Gil behind the car, Frances Talbert ("Tank" Talbert's wife), Joyce Everett Caraher

Dale Rees, Mr. Gale Bell, teacher

Dale Rees, Bill Mower, Lynne Vanerka Jackson

Sandy Tanner Elers, Margie Wagner Fangmeier

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