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Don Parsons and Bill Scott

Don Parsons, Diana Page Champion, John Ed Jeffries, Judy Hodge Lundin

Fran Rosen Knowles and Sandy Tanner Elers

Fran Rosen Knowles and Linda Mishkind Schiesel

Geri Bird Laubscher, Bob Wallace, Jack Wojnowski, Dale Rees, Bill Mower, Lynne Vanerka Jackson - who says CHSers don't have a sense of humor?

Jack asked for more money to maintain the website and they laughed.

Hal Ashton with one of his many classic cars

Eddie & Annette McPheeters & Ruth Ann Moudy McDaniel and Frank McDaniel in background
Jack & Patricia Wojnowski in foreground

Alan and Gwen Curiel, Jack Wojnowski checking out the goodie bag

Jimmie Dean & George Orlando

Jim Reddish

Marilyn Monroe and Joyce Everett Caraher

Lynne Vanerka Jackson & Glenn Perrin

Country Club Gathering
Marilyn Hart Anton, Don Parsons, Gene Baumgartner,
Jack and Patricia Wojnowski

Marilyn Hart Anton, Diana Page Champion, Sharon Maucher Nielsen

Eddie & Annette McPheeters

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