APRIL 27, 28, 29, 2018

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 News Alert: Next year's Mini Reunion May 3-4, 2019

Those of you who could not make it to our 60th Reunion on April 27th, 28th and 29th of 2018 missed a fabulous weekend.  And we missed all of you. 

There were 47 Classmates and 25 Guests for a total of 72 attendees over the 3 days of festivities. 

In alphabetical order by Maiden/Last Name, classmates who attended were: 

Sally (Anderson) Daniels, Milton Angel, Hal Ashton, Stephen Bentley, John “Mike” Bording, Barbara (Callaway) Pollack, George Campbell, Susan (Carruth) Ellington, Petite (Catlin) Morrison, Mike Codd, Alan Curiel, Newt Derby, Fred Gil, Sandy (Heinz) Bentley, Judy (Hodge) Lundin, Carol (Holstrom) Lange, Ruth (Lubbers) Patzman, Sharon (Maucher) Caldwell, Eddie McPheeters, Bill Mower, Don Neil, John Nygaard, Paul Nygaard, Danni (Patton) Coalter, John Patzman, Bob Pfeffer, Barbara Pokorny, Jim Reddish, Dale Rees, Larry Rodish, Fran (Rosen) Knowles, George Roth, Sue (Shefferly Adams), Al Slavens, Davis Smith, Ward Stevens, Barbara (Svob) Sherman, Sandy (Tanner) Elers, Helen (Trott) Campbell, Nancy (Trott) Hurtado, Bill Urias, Lynne (Vanerka) Jackson, Bob Wallace, Karen (Winter) Lassell, Jack Wojnowski, Kirk Young and Pat Young. 

We had a Hospitality Room at the Radisson Suites Tucson on Speedway where we visited, snacked, looked through memorabilia (including photos from high school and past reunions), and where lots of tall tales were told.

On Friday afternoon 41 of us met at Little Anthony’s Diner on Broadway Blvd. for our meal before the evening performance.  The Gaslight Theatre hosted 38 of us for their musical entitled,  “Rockabilly Raceway.”  It was a fast moving, fun, sometimes spontaneous play. Saturday morning, over 30 folks met at Catalina High School for a tour that Sandy (Tanner) Elers had arranged.  Mr. Gale Bell, Science teacher and Track Coach attended at the urging of Dale Rees.  Dale reports that Mr. Bell (age 94) is as sharp as ever and that he drove himself to and from the school.  I think he’s our role model.  :-) 

Saturday evening’s activities began with a cocktail hour on the terrace in front of the Reddington Room and moved into the banquet room for the remainder of the evening.  

40 classmates and guests joined us back in the Reddington Room for our last scheduled event - Sunday’s breakfast buffet. 

Everyone who attended is to be commended.  It seems to take more energy than it used to (shucks!) for planning and preparation and travel to attend such events.  We are grateful to everyone who made the effort.  Sharon (Maucher) Caldwell, Sandy (Tanner) Elers and I thank all of you for your wonderful support, enthusiasm and assistance.  What a tremendous class! 

Hugs, Fran

If anyone has a picture or two to share send it to me....webmaster jack !

Banner by Reunion Committee says it all...


Everybody says "Photographer Jack, get in this picture."
 He didn't need any help getting up...just sayin'

Jack, Fran, Sandy, Sharon

Vi & Newt Derby

Davis & Bettye Smith

Petite Catlin Morrison & Larry Morrison

Nancy Trott Hurtado & Karen (Winter) Lassell

Helen Trott Campbell & Bill Campbell

Jack Wojnowski, Hal Ashton, Jim Reddish (gymnasts)

Barbara Pokorny and Tom Rollins

Nancy Trott Hurtado & Brian Wittenkeller

Fran, Sandy, Sharon

Annette & Eddie McPheeters

Jack Wojnowski, Barb Pokorny Rountree, Brian Wittenkeller

Jodie & Jack Wojnowski (newlyweds)

Harry & Sharon Maucher Caldwell

Milton Angel in back, Bill Urias, Helen Trott Campbell, Sally Anderson Daniels

 Kirk Young, Davis & Bettye Smith, Bill Mower, Joanne Young

Fred Thomson, Sandy (Tanner) Elers, Alan Curiel, Fran (Rosen) Knowles, Judy (Hodge) Lundin

Sue Shefferly Adams, Amanda & Fred Gil, Bill Preston ('57), Pat Young

Camera glued to Jim's hand I'm sure.

Milton Angel, Karl & Sandy (Tanner) Elers, Karen (Winter) Lassell

Sue Shefferly Adams, Danni Patton Coalter, Carol Holstrom Lange, Sandy Heinz Bentley

April birthday recipients of a Little Anthony's Sundae, Yum!!!  Fran Knowles,
Bob Pfeffer, Petite Catlin Morrison

Candace & Al Slavens, Alan Curiel, Dale Rees

(Around table, starting on left) Bob Wallace, Jim Reddish, Bill Preston ("57"),
Milton Angel, Susan Carruth Ellington

Larry Morrison (Petite's husband), Dale Rees, Bill Mower, Bill Urias

Ward Stevens, Jim Reddish

Next the Gas Light Theater Musical...Funtime!!

Scene from RockaBilly Raceway

Harry & Sharon Maucher Caldwell

Larry & Sue Rodish, Pat Young at center table.

Sylvia & Stephen Bentley, Jodie & Jack Wojnowski

Nice setting for our meal.

Going round left, starting with Jack's back...  Nice back Jack :-)... Jack & Jodie Wojnowski
Vi & Newt Derby, Bob Pfeffer, Milton Angel, Don Neil, Sue & Larry Rodish

Starting center front clockwise: George & Pam Campbell, Milton Angel,
Stephen & Sylvia Bentley, Hal &* Debbie Ashton, Bob Wallace, Ward Stevens,
Bill Urias

Bill Urias, Sally Anderson Daniels, Ward Stevens, Lynne Vanerka Jackson, Hal Ashton

Dale Rees showing me one of Hal Ashton's classic cars.
If you found any fingerprints or scratch marks, Hal... it was Dale's doing!!

Here's Jim Reddish- looking back to see if I was looking back at him...

Bill Mower, Bill Preston ('57), Larry & Petite Catlin Morrison
Barbara Svob Sherman in front.

Bob Wallace, Ward Stevens, Bill Urias, George Campbell's back
 and Hal & Debbie Ashton standing.

Bob Pfeffer's back, Don Neil, Nancy Trott Hurtado, Brian Whitenkeller
Bob Wallace receiving a prize for the most grandchildren.

Barbara Rountree Pokorny handing out prizes.  Paul & Julie Nygaard. 
Fred Gil receiving his prize for, I believe, the most years served in the military, Mike Codd.

Jim Reddish on the left, Jodie without Jack

Jodie with Jack

Starting center front clockwise: Helen Trott Campbell & Bill Campbell, Sue Shefferly Adams,
Pat young, Susan Carruth Elington, Karen Winter Lassell, Bob Pfeffer,
Don Neil, Nancy Trott Hurtado & Brian Wittenkeller

Starting on left: Gwen Curiel, Karen & John Nygaard, Paul & Julie Nygaard,
Fred Gil, Mike & Barbara Codd, Amanda Gil

Starting center front clockwise: Barbara Svob Sherman, Sally Anderson Daniels,
Lynne Vanerka Jackson, Bill Mower Larry & Petite Catlin Morrison, Bettye Smith,
Joanne & Kirk Young, Davis Smith, Dale Rees

This is from the CHS Tour on Saturday morning (4/28/18).  Mr. Gale Bell is sitting down on his walker in front. 
Dale Rees offered to help him to his car.  Mr. Bell said it wasn't necessary, walked to his vehicle,
threw the walker into the trunk and drove off.
He is a good role model at 94 years...just sayin

If anyone has a picture or two to share send it to me....webmaster jack !

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