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History... Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, Home of the Trojans... out of the desert we grew!

After years of having only one school, Tucson  Unified School District decided it was time to open another high school to meet the growing need. In 1953, construction crews broke ground to begin the building of a new high school to be located at 3645 East Pima Street.  January 21, 1957, an only partially completed Catalina, received a full student body. The students themselves helped move equipment and furniture to make the transition smoother. 

Catalina High School, was designed by Scholer, Sakeller, & Fuller, Architects, and was built by J. J. Craviolini and L. C. Anderson.

The building contains 79 class rooms, including one library, a unique circular auditorium, one of the largest gymnasiums in Arizona, a girl's gymnasium which is separate from the main gym, cafeteria, and a complete wing of administration offices, just to mention a few of the outstanding areas of the plant.  Additional classrooms, shower and locker facilities and a science wing were added later funded with 10-cent levy funds and federal aid under Public Law 815.

To quote R.T. Gridley, principal of C.H.S.: "The beautiful buildings were constructed for the pupils - they were considered first.  There is no 'gingerbread'; every foot of space is utilized."  Perhaps this statement will serve equally well in portraying the student's reaction toward the $2,933,314.88 structure.  With the passing of every day, the student body becomes more aware of the luxurious, but functional design of the buildings.  A ramp extending from the first to the second floor of the main class room wing makes it less breathtaking to climb the height; the school-wide PA system saves much time and walking for administrators and students; there is a chute on the outside of the library to make it easier for the students to return books...for all this we are thankful. 1957 Torch

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It would not be until 1959 that the original plans for the school were completed.  In the sixties, Catalina went through it's golden years. During this time, Catalina was known as "The Country Club School" for the upper class students that attended Catalina.

1- Tucson 1892
2- Pueblo 1956
3- Catalina 1957
4- Rincon 1958
5- Palo Verde 1963
6-8 Santa Rita, Sahuaro, Cholla 1969

Webmaster's Note: The 1958 Catalina High School Senior Advisory Board had the privilege of accepting the school fight song and choosing the school emblem of the Trojan and the design.  Help me remember.  Is this the original artwork?  This is the head on Gridley's stationery.

I noticed the same head on this prom ticket. 

Present Symbol 2005
This is the present title of CHS as of 6/2005