Note: Dad, I was a Mike Boy for CHS football games and know the school song.  I learned the words a bit differently:  "Never daunted, we SHALL not falter, in the battle, we're TRIED and true.  OH {eighth note E}, Catalina, our Catalina..." Chuck Wojnowski 1977


Catalina our Catalina / Catalina, we’re all for you / We will fight for a Trojan victory and our colors of white and blue / Never daunted, we cannot falter / In our battle that’s right and true / Catalina, our Catalina / Catalina, we’re all for you 

The Blue and the White

The blue and the white / Is the school with the right and the might and the fight / True Blue, pure white / Come on Trojans, fight fight fight / Forward to the victory / Battle strong, we’ll fight for thee / The blue and the white / Royal Trojans fight, fight, fight. 

These are from Sue Daggett class of 59...