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A million hugs and thanks to each of you who attended or contributed to our 50th Reunion this past weekend. The excitement of renewing past friendships and building current ones remained throughout the time we spent together. It was a weekend of creating new memories while re-living a few old ones.

Our dinner Friday night was like a return to Johnie's Drive-In. Thanks to the hard work of Margaret Porter Saito and Bruce Porter, we had a jukebox with 50s music and a delightfully decorated room and patio in which to gather. Bruce, you looked great in your "white sportcoat and pink carnation!" Margaret matched him in a poodle skirt and the added attire, including the underskirt crinoline. Ah, those were the days . . . or not. . . . . . those crinolines needed starching.

Saturday night was spectacular, thanks to Sharon Maucher Nielsen and her committee, and our special thanks to Hal Ashton for parking his classic cars out on the beautiful lawn of the Tucson Country Club. The attendance of 9 of our former teachers added to the evening's success. A performance by "Elvis" had us rockin' and rollin'. The tables looked beautiful with their lovely flower arrangements, courtesy of Debbie and Hal Ashton.

Sunday's breakfast and Memorial, led by Geri Bird Laubscher, was respectful and reminded us of everthing for which we should be thankful.

The memorabilia in the Hospitality Room was put together through many hours of hard work by Pat Young, and added to by all of us who brought in albums, displays, old editions of the "Trumpeteer," etc. Thanks to everyone for their contributions to our "walk down memory lane."

Thanks to Mari Helen Hopkins High for all her efforts in collecting and preparing the many biographies for our Memory Book. And what a good looking book it was, published by Bruce and Kay Burkhart, also alumni of CHS.

A great big thank you is due to our head honcho, Sandy Tanner Elers, who managed to pull it all together. We are indebted to you, Sandy. Her co-chair, Margie Wagner Fangmeier kept track of attendees and the checks, a huge job. As of the latest count, there were 112 of our classmates in attendance. That is not counting the number of spouses and guests who accompanied our classmates. The total count may be somewhere around 180.

We all send kudos to our humble webmaster, Jack Wojnowski, who has tirelessly continued to update and add interesting links to our CHS Web page. The Web address is on the bottom of your name tag, should you ever forget it.

Please be sure to check for any errors found in the Memory Book or on your name tags, or if information you sent in was omitted. You can either let me know or write directly to Bruce Burkhart at his email address in the back of the Memory Book. Better yet, write to Bruce and send a Cc: to me. That way we'll both have the information. Also, be sure to send him any great digital photos from the weekend, with the names of the folks in the pictures. Remember, read the last page in the Memory Book for his email address.

If your name, address, phone number or email were incorrect in the Address Book pages, let me know and Sandy and I will make those corrections. And don't forget to let me know when you change any of that information!! THANK YOU for thinking of CHS when you relocate, take on a new ISP, get a different area code, re-marry and possibly get a new last name, etc., etc.

We are thinking that we will continue the mini-reunions in the Spring, beginning again next year. We want to welcome any and all of you to those future gatherings. Set aside the end of April 2009, if you can. (or thereabouts)

For those of you into the music of our era, check out a new Tucson radio station, (for those in the local area). It's 1030 on the AM frequency.

Be well, stay well, join us for future get togethers.  Catalina Hugs, Fran (Rosen) Knowles

Greetings Sent from CHS Classmates, We welcome your comments.

I'm trying to think of a description of the reunion that is better than ABSOLUTELY AMAZING but until I can think of one, I will just use the words ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I had NO idea that it would be that good. I just wish I could personally thank everyone who had anything at all to do with it. After it was over, everybody kept talking about how impressed they were with what all was done. It was perfect and I had one of the greatest times in my life. Just hard to believe all of you were able to do that much. Far beyond what I think any of us expected. Not only the reunions but the way you have brought so many of us back together after all these years. That would have never happened if it hadn't been for you and all the other dedicated people that made all of this happen. I would appreciate it if you could forward this to Sandy and Margie and any one else who was involved in making this reunion such a big success. I just can't thank you all enough for what you have done for our class. Absolutely amazing. Davis Smith

I am in total agreement with this. The reunion exceeded ALL of my expectations. I hope I expressed this as I saw each of you, during the reunion. Congratulations. It certainly was more than just a great party, it bonded us, or re-bonded us so very well. Sarah Barham Leonard

I couldn't agree more with Davis - a stellar job!  Thank you!  Memories for the next 50 years!  Ruth Lubbers Patzman 

II would like to thank Sandy, Margie, Fran, Mari Helen, Patricia, Sharon, Margaret, Bruce, Hal, Geri and others I'm too forgetful to mention, for providing information for the website and of course those brave enuf to offer their bios.  I also appreciate receiving the following plaque for my humble efforts.
ur humble webmaster, Jack Wojnowski  

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for all the hard work in making the 50th reunion a resounding success. I realize that your hard work can't be fully appreciated but it was a job well done. Please pass on my sincere thanks to those who were so involved but perhaps I have overlooked. I will give Fran and Pat separate emails. Thanks again for making the 50th a really fun time. It is always special to return to Tucson and seeing the loyal Trojans. Best regards, Bill Mower

Well, I am back home and near my computer. I would like to personally thank you and the committee for a great weekend. I have had a lot of experience putting together activities and I know that it doesn't just happen. It takes effort beyond what is evident on the surface. Everyone did just great and the event went off with out a hitch. Please pass on my congratulations to all who made the gathering a success. Also, I would like to make the observation that I was impressed with the people that attended. They were upbeat, friendly and successful. When I consider the accomplishments of my classmates, I am amazed, truly impressed. Who knew what was in store for us when we were still in school and lacking the ability to see into the future. Once again, many thanks for a great reunion and best wishes to all. Glenn Perrin

What a great job you all did.  I cannot tell you the positive responses I heard from all the people.  I had a great time and did not want to leave.  Saw some tears at the memorial.  Not sure for those who passed or tears that it was over.  Gale Bell looked great and was a highlight for all of us who were in sports, particularly track.  The golf game brought a lot of us together in a fun atmosphere and a small group.  Please pass on my sincere appreciation to the other committee members.  Dave Rees

What a wonderful time last weekend was. I wanted to thank everyone who worked so hard to make it a memorable event, however I don't seem to have the address book pages that were referred to in your summary. I'm not very computer savvy so maybe it's on the website and I just don't know how to access it. Please let me know how to get addresses for the classmates or pass along my sincere thanks to all of you. Sincerely, Kay Borchers Williams

It was great seeing you at the 50th. What a great time we all had with one of the greatest group of people that you could find. Very well done and organized and kudos to you also on the web site.  Dale Rees

Job well done !!  It was a terrific weekend, full of fun, friends and fond memories.  Thanks for all you do for our class!  We look forward to seeing you at our next reunion.  George Campbell

Coach Myrick said, " It was super, super, super. It was memorable for me to see the students that I had in '58. A wonderful event. Thank you so much."

The reunion was wonderful and the food was outstanding.  Harold and I enjoyed it very much.  He said it was the best reunion he had ever attended and I totally agree.  Joyce Logan White

I, too, want to thank you for all the work you did to make our reunion such a success!!!  Everything was nice and fun.  I really had a good time.  I am looking forward to the next mini in 2009!  Thank you.  Carol Perrine Mart

I want to thank you for a job well done.  I had a great time at the reunion.  Harold W. (Bill) Scott

Thanks for the great job on the Reunion.  Bill Urias

I couldn't have had more fun unless it had been longer.  I missed being able to talk to so many, although I did give it my BEST shot.   What a wonderful bunch of classmates we had!  It was so super being able to reminisce with them and find out what they have been doing since we were together last.  The Bios are great, too.  A BIG THANK YOU to all of the committee for all you did in getting us together and doing it so well.  I am definitely looking forward to our 55th.  (I know you don't want to hear that now, but it just shows what a great job you all did.)  Big Hugs, Geri Bird Laubscher

Well, now we get to read all the memories from everyone. What fun! I really enjoyed each and every minute of those three days. I loved being able to tour CHS and was amazed at all the changes. Thanks to Terry Hanson for organizing the tour. Friday night reminded me of parties after the football/basketball games. Such fun getting reacquainted with everyone. Saturday night at the TCC was so elegant I know we all appreciate the efforts from Hal and Debbie Ashton for making it possible. Oh those cool cars! My husband was disappointed that he did not attend after I showed him my photos of those fabulous cars. I know we all appreciate the long hours and hard work from the committee. Thanks to Margie and Sandy and all of the others. I am already looking forward to the mini reunions and hope to be able to attend. Sally Anderson Daniels

The reunion was a very special event for me -- I truly enjoyed it -- some great memories -- you people did a great job putting it together. Thank you. Alan Curiel


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  • Leary, Brent
  • Logan White, Joyce
  • Lubbers Patzman, Ruth
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  • Maucher Nielsen, Sharon
  • McCraren, Larry
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