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Help me here.  I was dressed up like a monkey.  Brown face, hands and arms.  Brown Long Johns with a tail.  I was part of a skit (Animal Gymnastics) for gymnasts.  I performed on the sidehorse. After our skit a young girl backstage asked if anyone knew how to ballroom dance.... I believe it was a waltz.  I replied that I did having taken Junior Assembly downtown with the Drachmans.  The young lady was crying because her partner had become sick and she would not have been included in the dancing skit.  I said I would hurry home put on a suit and come back and dance with her.  I ran out in my monkey costume, jumped into my 1933 Buick with the top chopped off and wooden floorboards and took off for my house on Catalina blvd.  As I sped down Pima a policeman pulled me over for speeding.  It started to rain and all the brown makeup on me began to run down my face onto my long underwear.  I explained to the policeman the young woman's plight and that I would be the 'shining knight'.  He said no one could possibly have made this story up and said to go home safely and slowly and save that girl's last dance.  I changed clothes got back to the school just in time to dance for 2 1/2 minutes and make this girl very happy.  Who was this girl?  Which skit was this?  Your humble webmaster.

CHS Spectacular Pictures: I have been scanning some old photos for a family reunion and I have found some that at the time I called the "Senior Spectacular Party Graduation Rehearsal 1958".  The pictures aren't very good, but there are eight of them.  Assorted comments:  #1 David T. Smith, physics teacher, Yes, that is Dave Smith.  #2 George Roth, Newton Derby Y, This is us in costume in our skit for the S. Spectacular  ("Genius Roth"  was my character's name. )  George on the left, Newton in the striped pants.  And who is the girl on the right?,  #3 John Aborn Y, Correct again.  I hope we have found John (Frances -- let me know, and I'll look for him).  Who is the girl?  #4 X Rollin T Gridley Others, Allen Curiel? Rollin T Gridley Kirby Smithe? Kirk Young? Y Ted Bowen? Kenneth Follett? Petite Catlin? Y, Doesn’t quite look like Allen Curiel. One of the Ys, Virginia Tench and the other Barbara ___?  #5 Y glasses, This is our skit.  The character is "Miss Crawfish" i.e., Nona Korfhage one of my favorites.  I understand she liked the parody of her glasses.  We can reconstruct who played the part.  I made these glasses.  #6 Y bus, I'm not even sure what this is a picture of., Saguaro Lake Senior Bus Trip  #7 Y Patricia Hayden, Serena Hayden Guard, I feel like this one is in the annual.  the middle is Patty Hayden, right side Serena Hayden (how could you forget,  Steve), can't recall the girl on the left.  I think these were all from the rifle team.  #8 Y Y Y Y, Saguaro Lake Senior Bus Trip  The girl on the left looks a little like Janice Bingham, but I' not sure.  The girl on the right could be Sally Cline, but it is hard to tell from the back.  Hope someone can remember!  These were fun--thanks for taking the time to send them.  Stephen Bentley, Arlington, VA.  See Yearbook.